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Congratulations and Welcome to HFX !

Where Investing is Simple and Fun!

We know you're excited and it can be a little scary at first,  but our team goal here is to get you started, comfortable and on the road to freedom quicker than you can say TEAM NO SLEEP!

HFX has become the most popular form of trading around the world and the risk to reward factor is undeniable.

Below you will find 6 simple steps to get you started right using our incredible academy resources.

Everything from where to start first in the Academy, recommended tools and algorithms, preferred educator schedules and more.

In this section, you will know how to get started and working on your skills.

Think of trading like a sport.

Wanna be a G.O.A.T. ?

Here's where it all starts.

Much love, enjoy and we can't wait for you to share your success story with the team on our facebook page!


STEP 1. - Log in to your academy ( and visit the Academies section on the left side of the screen.

Click Academies -> Scroll down until you see HFX -> Click HFX in your language -> Watch at least the first 25 video lessons.

(* you're not going to become an expert overnight but these will help you understand what you're looking at.)

STEP 2. - From your Academy dashboard ( 

Click "GO LIVE" -> From the screen Click educator Mathew Thayer -> From Mathews Channel go to his RECORDED SESSIONS and find a Cashtrap tutorial video.

(* Cashtrap is an algorithm we use that makes trading life way easier, profitable and simple, it isn't required but highly recommended. It's an additional $22 per month and is built to pay for itself 10 fold.)

STEP 3. - Attend a GO LIVE session

From your IM.CENTER site click Go Live -> from the go live window scroll down to HFX and open the Go Live Schedule. -> pick a schedule that works for you.

(* As of April 2021 the Team's favorite traders are Mathew Thayer and Milly Millz.)

STEP 4. - Choose a Broker to open a Live or Demo account with. Below are some available brokers with account setup minimums.

Nadex (Regulated USA)

STEP 5. - Your Trading Plan

Your trading plan is personal to you and your financial goals. Sticking to it is important and compounding is Key as you will soon learn. Below is the link to our teams compound sheet. It will give you a visual of risk to reward possibilities if you follow the plan.


(* Other rules to consider -


1. do not risk more than 1-3% of your account.

2. 2 Losses and live to trade another day.

3. 8% daily return is awesome )

STEP 6. - Mindset

Believe it or not but trading, business and life are more mind and emotion than technical. Feed your mind and transform your life. Visit our Personal Development section for good book, video and audio recommendations.

As Napoleon Hill says " Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve." - Think and Grow Rich, the book.

Your mind lead you here, your belief carried you this far, now its time to Succeed.

Bonus Getting Started Content

Download HFX Swipes for Daily Trade Ideas once you understand how to place a trade.​

These are literally trade notifications, sent to your cell phone, from professional HFX Traders.

Literally Investment opportunities direct to your pocket. 



Hourglass aka Cashtrap Tutorial by Derrick Satterfield

Marcus Nowell Live in Italy HFX Fast Start Session

You are a part of the best team to ever come together.

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